Commercial Carpet Class

Live Commercial Carpet Inspector Training Opportunity at the NICFI Convention in Las Vegas!

NICFI has graciously extended another invitation to Inspector Training Services (ITS) to provide a 1-1/2 day educational course on Commercial Carpet Inspection Techniques at the 2022 Fall Convention in Las Vegas (NV) this October (Dates and Location to be determined).

The Commercial Carpet Inspector’s Course has been developed to address a void in the inspection industry. This class will combine both inspection and installation techniques in order to properly evaluate commercial carpet claims.


This course includes:

  • Proper Floor Prep & Moisture Testing
  • Proper Installation and Pattern Matching Procedures
  • Carpet Adhesives
  • Pattern Issues
  • Carpet Tile Issues
  • Maintenance Issues
  • An Overview of Woven Products
  • Proper Techniques for Communicating Commercial Carpet Concerns through Report Writing

Special attention will be dedicated to understanding and assessing bow, skew, and pattern elongation. This course will also concentrate on the proper use and application of adhesives and product performance evaluation procedures.


Those interested in a “certification” in Commercial Carpet Inspection can sign up to take the optional ITS test (e.g. at an additional fee of $250).

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Check back later for more information on this event!