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Flooring Inspector Certification

Inspector Training Services (ITS) provides certification courses for carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient flooring, and moiture testing. These courses provide the most thorough  HANDS-ON TRAINING PROGRAMS in the INDUSTRY. No other program gets you better prepared to succeed. Extensive examples of manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and end user related problems and/or defects are evaluated and reviewed.

Each Inspector handles every sample while learning how to perform the inspection and identify the cause/source of the problem. Inspector Training Services for Floor Coverings provides extensive training utilizing carpet, hardwood, laminate, and resilient flooring products while demonstrating the proper inspection techniques that the Certified Flooring Inspector must understand and be able to apply. Every Inspector learns which tools to use, how to properly use these tools, and the correct steps/procedures to follow while performing inspections on samples during these courses. Inspector Training Services provides real-work experience so the Certified Inspector is well prepared when they leave class.

Customized Training Programs designed for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, and Installation Work Rooms are also available to meet your needs. Call Inspector Training Services Today! (256) 828-5337.

ITS Instructors

Do you need a Certified Inspector/Consultant? Please visit the Inspector Registry Page.

Inspector Training Services is also affiliated and provides training for the National Institute of Certified Flooring Inspectors (NICFI)!

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