Due to COVID, Inspector Training Services (ITS) did not provide any live classes in 2020 and most of 2021 due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.  ITS did provide some remote continuing education classes through its various educational affiliates during this period.

ITS classes are primarily held in a “live” format and will likely continue to do so on a limited basis. Most ITS certification programs require “live” attendance. There is an advantage to “live” programs given the samples, hands-on technique demonstrations, and participant discussions which we feel are not as effective remotely.

That being said, ITS continues to explore the hybrid teaching approach for its longer programs that would allow some remote learning followed up with a few days of on-site education.

Live LVT Inspector Training Opportunity at the NICFI Convention

NICFI has graciously extended an invitation to Will Stoner and Andrew Fronczek of Inspector Training Services (ITS) to provide a 1-1/2 day educational course on LVT Flooring (Solid Vinyl and Rigid Core Products) at the 2021 Fall Convention in Dalton, GA at the Convention Center on October 3-5, 2021. Additionally, ITS will provide an introduction to sheet vinyl (residential and commercial) and VCT on the final day of the Convention.

LVT plank and tile inspections are one of the most prevalent products that independent flooring inspectors must address at this point in time.

This educational program will break down and explore issues/concerns related to manufacturing, installation, and consumer/site-related incidents.  LVT topics to be covered include substrates, different LVT products (i.e. solid/rigid core products and the different locking systems), adhesives, and installation procedures.

This educational program will include demonstrations using proven procedures and techniques to evaluate flooring problems with accuracy and confidence. If time permits, attendees will also break up into smaller groups for hands-on experience so that proper inspection techniques can be learned and developed during the class.

Those interested in this opportunity should visit the NICFI Website, or click the link for the registration form:

The fee to attend the NICFI Convention is $400 for members and $550 for non-members (There is early bird registration through August 30, 2021 of $350 for members and $400 for non-members).

Those already certified in LVT will benefit from a refresher/update and those interested in an additional LVT Certification can sign up to take the ITS test (e.g. at an additional fee of $250 for the LVT certification or $300 for the Advanced Resilient Certification (LVT and Sheet Goods).


Check Back Later for Information on the 2022 Class Schedule!