Code of Ethics

Inspector Training Services Code of Ethics/Conduct Requires Inspectors to:

The Independent Inspector should remain unbiased, maintain honesty and integrity in his/her services, and commit no act/action that would discredit Inspector Training Services (ITS), the flooring inspector profession, or the flooring industry.

The Independent Inspector should uphold respect for his/her fellow inspectors, as well as clients, in order to promote the inspection industry as a whole.

The Independent Inspector should give conclusions based on observation, testing, and information obtained in an unbiased manner, and state responsibility without degrading manufacturer, retailer/contractor, distributor, or end-user.

The Independent Inspector should consider information gathered, reports/documents, photos, etc. to be the sole property of the commissioning party and under no circumstances be shared or distributed without the expressed consent of the commissioning party.

The Independent Inspector shall not conduct “virtual” inspections (e.g. the inspector and/or a representative from his company must physically visit an inspection site in order to write a “formal” report). That said, consultations and/or informal opinions may be performed virtually, but the client should be informed that this does not constitute a formal legal inspection report.

In order for the ITS Certified Inspector to remain in good standing, he/she must actively participate in continuing education courses, (either offered by ITS or another recognized industry program), and maintain current information including, but not limited to, new products and technology. The ITS Certified Inspector must provide ITS annually of any continuing education credits/units received.

Circumstances in which Inspector Training Services (ITS) Certified Inspectors may not remain in “good standing” and may be subject to loss of
their “active” status include: 

  •  Unethical/unprofessional conduct,
  •  Disregarding facts or misrepresentation and/or falsification of information,
  • Failure to renew their annual dues and/or failure to participate in approved continuing education.

An ITS Certified Inspector may be required to re-attend ITS certification courses for repeated complaints regarding inspections and/or
reporting of information found to be inaccurate or falsely represented. Note: Any complaint against an ITS Certified Inspector will be fairly reviewed with
input from the inspector and other parties involved.

ITS Certified Inspectors endorse and will abide by the Inspector Training Services (ITS) Standards of Professional Conduct, and support ITS and its goals toward advancing the Independent Inspection and Flooring Industries.